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Local Construction Skills Needs for Scotland

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The Local Construction Skills Needs research provides, for the first time, evidence of construction skills gaps on a regional basis across Scotland.

This will allow CITB, in partnership with industry and key stakeholders, to develop regional skills action plans which address existing and emerging occupational shortfalls.  In doing so it allows actions to be benchmarked and outcomes to be measured in relation to how these occupational gaps are closed, for example by increasing the flow of skilled workers into the construction industry.

With overall demand in 2018 estimated at 247,300 workers and an existing workforce of nearly 241,000, the overall workforce in Scotland is estimated to need nearly 6,400 extra workers. This represents a shortfall of 3% on current employment.

Headline findings from the report include:

  • Construction skills pressures in areas such as the Highlands and Islands and south east
  • Shortfall of workforce numbers in the Highlands and Islands
  • Potential shortages in painting and decorating and plumbing trades
  • Need for support staff who work in the supply chain - IT specialists, researchers, lawyers, procurement experts - further emphasising that construction is a career for everyone.

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