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Live funded projects

Project Name: Scottish Assessors - NT

Contracted Partners: Energy Skills Partnership (ESP)

This project will address an identified industry need to recruit and train 100 FTE, quality assessors to enable the efficient delivery of assessments for apprenticeships in Scotland.

For more information visit Scottish Assessors or ESP Scotland

Project Name: Brickwork Masterclasses - NT

Contracted Partners: Home Builders Federation (HBF) and NHBC Building Inspectors

This project delivers sessions that offer practical guidance on improving quality and promote awareness of good practice in brickwork.

For more information visit HBSP Brickwork Masterclass - NHBC Shop


Project Name: Creating new courses in Bricklaying based on new Standards – CM

Contracted Partners: ABC Assessment Centre

Creating high quality on and off-site training courses for Bricklayers, through the launch of 16 short duration training courses offered to further education and skilled workers.

For more information visit Creating new courses in Bricklaying or The ABC Assessment Centre

Project Name: Build Back - NT

Contracted Partners: Finishes and Interior Sector Ltd (FIS)

This project is to introduce 200 new entrants to the finishes sector and develop long-term relationships with other funding sources to create a self-sustaining and robust new-entrant pathway.

For more information visit Build Back or FIS

Project Name: Digital Leadership - CW

Contracted Partners: Gloucestershire Construction Training Group, Leeds Beckett University, Setting out for Construction and Supply Chain Sustainability School.

This intervention consists of 4 projects which focus on giving construction leaders the skills to drive digital change

For more information on each project visit the links below:

Gloucestershire Construction Training Group

Leeds Beckett University or LBU Digital Leadership

Setting Out for Construction

Supply Chain Sustainability School or Downloading a Digital Mindset Training Module


Project Name: Immersive Learning - CW

Contracted Partners: BAM Nuttall, Bridgewater & Taunton College, City College Plymouth, Construction Wales Innovation Centre, Hire Association Europe and Tunnel Skills

This intervention consists of 6 projects that focus on increasing the uptake and adoption of immersive learning in the construction industry

For more information on each project click on the links below:

BAM project

Bridgewater & Taunton College project

City College Plymouth project

Construction Wales Innovation Centre project or CWIC

Hire Association Europe project

Tunnel Skills project or Tunnel Skills

Project Name: Fairness, Inclusion and Respect - NT

Contracted Partners: Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) and Supply Chain Sustainability School

This project is delivering a range of training that promotes a culture of fairness, inclusion and respect (FIR). This project also helps leaders and managers in the construction industry to improve inclusion and to train FIR Ambassadors to spread the benefits across the industry.

For more information visit FIR project or SCS - FIR


Project Name: Building Mental Health Wellbeing in Construction - CM

Contracted Partners: Lighthouse Club and Laing O’Rourke

The project will increase the awareness of mental health within the construction sector by training 288 Mental Health first Aid practitioners (instructors) who in turn will train two-day mental health First Aiders within the sector. They will then also deliver Mental Health Awareness Training.

For more information visit Building Mental Health project,

Mental Health 1st Aiders Instructors CPD Awareness Training

or Building Mental Health - Home


Project Name: Wellbeing in Construction - CM

Contracted Partners: Laing O’Rourke, Lighthouse Club and Samaritans

Better equip the construction industry to manage mental health, wellbeing and resilience issues that they encounter in the workplace, through the development and delivery of a mental health and wellbeing digital learning hub. With a focus on hard-to-reach micro-organisations.

For more information visit Wellbeing in Construction

Project Name: Improving Procurement Practices (IPP) – VMD/NT

Contracted Partners: BAM Nuttall, Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA), Nottingham Trent University (NTU) and Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCS)

This programme consists of four projects which aim to improve procurement practices in the construction industry through developing and delivering training.

For more information on each project visit the sites below:

IPP - BAM Project

IPP - CECA Project

IPP - NTU Project

IPP - SCS Project or Procurement - Supply Chain Sustainability School

Project Name: Careers in Hire - CM

Contracted Partners: Hire Association Europe

This project focuses on developing entry routes and raising awareness of the sector to people who had never considered hire as a viable career option, including influencing decision makers through a comprehensive marketing/promotional campaign.

For more information on Careers in Hire visit Training & Apprenticeships (hae.org.uk)


Project Name: Onsite Experience Hubs - RC

In 2019 CITB launched the Onsite Experience Hubs to help address the complex recruitment challenges facing the construction industry in England and Wales. The Hubs aims are to deliver new entrants to the industry that are job-ready and have had an onsite experience.

For more information visit the links below:

England Partners

Onsite Experience Hubs in England - Nine onsite experience hubs are in operation.

Wales Partners

Onsite Experience Hubs in Wales - Four onsite experience hubs are in operation.

Project Name: RoofCERT - NT

Contracted Partners: NFRC

This project has established and is promoting industry wide standards for all roofing disciplines through an "Accredited Roofer" programme, named RoofCERT, this will act as a skills baseline for the sector and will professionalise the industry.

For more information visit here or the RoofCERT website