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Available specialist applied-skills programmes (SAP)

The specialist applied-skills programmes (SAP) are 18-month long new entrant training programmes. The programmes lead to a vocational qualification (NVQ/SVQ), and are considered by trade associations and employers as 'sector apprenticeships'.

All SAP training providers have been awarded delivery contracts by CITB to cover new entrant registrations until 31 March 2021.

These contracts may be replaced by relevant trailblazer apprenticeships if and when they become available. Elements of the SAP programmes are eligible for a short course grant.

New entrants must have a full-time contract of direct employment (PAYE) with a Levy registered employer. There is no upper age limit, but employers tend to prefer to take on new entrants who are 18 years old and above.

Read Guidance for registering onto a SAP for further details on getting specialist vocational training.

Programmes available

Specialist training providers have been contracted for the following specialist occupations:


Chimney engineering


Drilling and sawing

External wall

Facade preservation

Heritage craft trades

In situ flooring

Insulation and building treatments

Joint sealant

Land drilling


Plant hire and sales

Road safety marking


Stone fixing

Structural timber frames

Surface preparation