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Grants and funding

New grant application forms

New grant application forms are now available on each grant page. Each form is now a one-page PDF form that can be completed on a PC, Mac, phone, tablet, or printed off and completed by hand.

If you use Adobe Acrobat Reader on a PC or Mac help notes will pop up on the application form, for each and every field.

The present Excel-based application form remains available and usable for employers who wish to continue using it or need to apply in bulk for multiple grants at once.

If you need help applying for grant, contact your local advisor or levy.grant@citb.co.uk.


Grants cover day to day training, including short courses, qualifications, and apprenticeships.

Plant standards and grants

Changes are coming January 2023. The aim of the recent review is to simplify employer access to the CITB plant grant whilst maintaining high standards of training and testing in this safety critical area.

Occupational Traineeship grant

Available in England Only. Grant available per learner, on completion of a CITB Occupational Traineeship work placement. Find out which occupations are included.


We provide funding for specific training projects through our Skills and Training Fund.

Skills and Training fund

Small, Micro and Medium CITB registered employers can apply for funding to deliver training to their team once every 12 months.

Employer network pilot

Learn more about the new 12 month initiative. Collectively employers will shape the way the funds provided by CITB are spent, and on what. And if the pilot is a success it could radically change the way training is funded by CITB.