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A plan to meet construction's biggest challenges

It follows feedback on how we could improve our work made during last year’s Consensus process and the Government’s ITB review.

We have listened to the views of Levy-payers, industry and Government and developed a range of ideas and proposals in the Plan. Change is well underway.

The 2018-21 CITB Business Plan (PDF, 552KB) shows how our work will become streamlined over the next three years to meet the big construction challenges, namely: improving skills, productivity and keeping pace with modernisation.

In becoming the focused skills body the construction sector wants we will do fewer things, better.

The Business Plan sets out new Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These will allow industry to see what we are doing and track our progress. In many cases these are new KPIs which will allow us to become more transparent and, therefore, more accountable.

We will keep check on how we are performing against these KPIs so that we both monitor and manage them. These are stretching and will drive the business to improve service to our customers and stakeholders, maintaining a relentless focus on skills outcomes.

I’m excited about the potential we have at CITB and I believe this business plan is the tool to unlock that. And what’s even better, our partners in industry and government will be able to see with great clarity how we are doing.

So what’s in the plan?

Training and Development will continue to take the bulk of industry money – £613m across three years – targeted to meet a serious challenge.

We will also maintain our significant investment in our evidence base. We will spend £3m each year so we truly understand the skills needs of our industry across England, Scotland and Wales.

Our spending on Careers will ramp up, with spend rising from £3m this year to £8m in 2020/21.

We will be maintaining our spending on our engagement and influencing work – which will only become more important as we transition to a more strategic body.  Spending will also be maintained on our vital work creating the Standards and Qualifications framework needed to support the sector. I feel that we have struck the balance right within this plan to put Levy-payers’ money exactly where it is most needed.

So, please have a read of our Business Plan. Hold us to account. And let this be the start of a new conversation about how we can continually improve to help your firm build a better Britain.

Download our CITB Business Plan for 2018-21 (PDF, 552KB)

About the author

Sarah Beale is CITB's Chief Executive