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Reasons for signing up

Employers who have a Levy registration number can sign up to use the following services:

  1. Levy Online - submit your annual Levy Return and view those from previous years.
  2. Grants Online - which allows you to:
    • Submit grant claims (Short course grants are only available online)
    • View grant statements to see how much grant has been paid or is awaiting payment
    • Request grant reports
  3. Construction Training Register (CTR)* - to look up a learner's achievements and qualifications records. (If you register for grant online you automatically gain access to the CTR.)

You can sign up for a combination of any of the services or all three.

To access the Construction Training Register if you are not registered with CITB for the Levy, or you are an Individual worker and/or learner, please refer to the instructions for non-Levy registered employers, individual workers or learners.

Please fill in the following details to enable us to set up your CITB online account

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Help with using CITB online

We have produced a help document for Grant Online:

Things to remember when using CITB online:

  • If you want to save the login page in your internet favourites please use the following address: https://my.citb.co.uk

If you experience any problems in signing up to CITB online, you can email the information we have asked for to levygrant.online@citb.co.uk.

CITB online

Signing up to CITB online allows you to:

  • Submit Levy Returns
  • View Levy Returns from previous years
  • Authorise grants
  • View grant statements
  • Request grant reports