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Basic competency programme (BCP) Stage 2 assessment


Learning resources, Sectors and roles, New qualifications and courses, Small employer support

Lead & Hard Metal Roofing Association

Federation of Traditional Metal Roofing Contractors, National Roof Training Centre, VM Zink

Great Britain



Commercial, Housing, Infrastructure, Specialist

The project will provide a further Basic competency Programme assessment for those who have already completed the Basic Competency Programme. This extra assessment is designed to identify whether further training is required, and to what extent it is required in order to secure a formal qualification. The existing training manual will be revised and updated to incorporate all revised and new training content.

  • Deliver formal assessment with 150 past delegates
  • 125 NVQ L2 achievements
  • 20 NVQ L3 achievements
  • Develop ‘guide to Good Practice’ manual

01 Jan 2017

31 May 2018

End of project summary

After assessing 400 BCP Stage 1 trainees, 243 candidates were selected for Stage 2 of the programme. Assessors mapped their training needs and skills required to achieve a formal metal roofing qualification, thus enhancing the sector's access to training knowledge and participation.

Additionally, the group produced the 3rd edition of the Guide to Good Practice in the Metal Roofing and Cladding sector, alongside the Federation of Traditional Metal Roofing Contractors.