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BIM – readiness study, business case & implementation plan


Changing industry culture, Digital and new technology, Productivity and new ways of working, Sectors and roles, Learning resources

Stewart Milne

Mactaggart & Mickel Homes; National Federation of Builders; SM Homes




Commercial, Housing, Infrastructure, Specialist

The project will undertake research by carrying out pilot studies and business mapping, to evaluate the people and business readiness for BIM, resulting in a business case for further investment in people, process innovation, collaborative working, cultural change, training, systems and new design software technology.

At the end of the project a report will contribute to industry's understanding of how to implement BIM by means of building a strong business case for adoption. The benefits of BIM, particularly in housing, will be recorded in a PowerPoint presentation available on request from Stewart Milne.

  • To develop a Housing industry BIM training and skills readiness research report
  • Industry case studies
  • Implementation strategy and
  • Training materials

01 Feb 2016

30 Apr 2017

End of project summary

The project finished in November 2017.  The research demonstrated a business case showing a Return of Investment to offset the necessary investment in technology, change management and people development with a suggested potential cost saving of £3.5k per home.