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Recruitment and Assessment Capacity Building


Careers and recruitment

Glasgow Clyde College

150 in scope companies; FMB; SBF; Glasgow Construction Training Group; SDS; DWP; PACE; Employers such as Morrison Construction, Campbell Construction, Graham Construction, City Building CCG Construction




This project seeks to build the capacity of Glasgow Clyde College’s (GCC) work based assessment capability by creating a pool of occupationally competent and qualified training and assessment staff.  The aim of the project is to facilitate delivery of the new work based assessments that are being introduced to construction trades Modern Apprenticeships, particularly for those that are within scope of the CITB in Scotland.

Through significantly increasing the number of qualified assessors, the project will enable Glasgow Clyde College to provide:

  1. Work based assessments for CITB Modern Apprentices who are completing their programmes with Glasgow Clyde College (currently over 200 places with projected 30% growth in coming years).
  2. Offer this ‘Gold Standard’ service to other providers and ‘in scope’ employers across Scotland who do not have the capacity locally to fully cover the new work based assessment requirements of the CITB related MA programmes.
  • Recruitment of 6 occupationally competent tradespeople to the new posts of Trainer Assessor.
  • Delivery of A1 Assessor Award for 6 Trainer/Assessors
  • Delivery of the City & Guilds Award in Education & Training for 6 Trainer Assessors
  • Delivery of V1 Internal Verifier Award for 3 Trainer/Assessors
  • Delivery of A1 Assessor Award for 12 MA Construction Trades Lecturers
  • Delivery of V1 Internal Verifier Award for 6 MA Construction Trades Lecturers
  • Final Project Report

02 Dec 2019

01 Jun 2022

Resources available

Final report (PDF, 663KB)