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Apprenticeships and the NSAfC

Apprentices learn valuable skills and knowledge while they earn on the job, through a mix of workplace experience and training at college or with an approved provider. Apprenticeships allow you to grow talent effectively, developing the skills you need with a motivated and loyal workforce.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) 2a, 4a and 5 cover apprenticeship-related outcomes under the National Skills Academy for Construction (NSAfC) framework. You will need to compile evidence to achieve these outcomes. For more information see KPIs: meeting your targets.

Working with apprenticeships

You should research which job roles are available for apprentices, including possibilities for Shared Apprenticeship Schemes. Look for opportunities within your supply chain and subcontractors work. Identify if there are existing employees who may be suitable for an apprenticeship.

You can try to match these roles with available courses listed by the Institute of Apprenticeships in England, Careers Wales and Skills Development Scotland.

Find out about what local colleges are offering to support apprentices, and whether your project might be suitable for work experience or for students seeking to move from college programmes to employer apprenticeships. They may also be able to help you with training for your own programmes.

If appropriate, ask if the employer is paying the apprenticeship levy. This enables them to access funds for apprenticeship training; you can help them check that they are getting their full entitlement. Find out more about how apprenticeship funding works on our Apprenticeship funding guide.

Keep on top of your apprenticeship data and the evidence you will need to produce with a simple database or register, including start dates and course durations.

CITB apprenticeships

We offer extensive advice and information about CITB apprenticeships, including support with claiming grants, paying college fees and completing paperwork.

We have also produced a step-by-step guide on How to take on an apprentice.

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