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Trowel occupations

This suite contains standards and Vocational Qualifications relating to:

  • Bricklaying
  • Brickwork Technician
  • Heritage Brickwork.

Current Reviews

Available for a 30 day consultation on the development work. An opportunity for wider industry feedback on the proposed Competence Framework.

Bricklayer - Competence Standard (PDF, 165KB)

Feedback, along with any framework related queries, can be submitted through the Competence Frameworks feedback form.

Feedback Guidance

CITB is working with construction industry stakeholders to create a ‘one industry standard’ of competence known as a Competence Standard which industry will use and own. We are improving the way in which we consult on competence to allow industry to have a greater opportunity to feedback and comment.

The Competence Standard is about the functions of a role and the skills, knowledge, experience, and behaviours required for an individual to be competent. This may include a review of the current qualifications or apprenticeships.

This consultation gives industry the opportunity to have their say on - What are the competencies that would be expected of a person in a specific trade?

An initial draft has been created for comment and feedback. Any highlighted issues will be reviewed by an occupationally competent working group.

If you wish to be part of a working group, please let us know in your feedback form.

Documents requiring feedback:

Competence Standard - The skills, knowledge, experience and behaviour requirements of a competent individual. These will enable qualifications and apprenticeships to be mapped to one standard that has been designed and owned by the construction industry.

Please use the feedback form so we can get a better understanding on what requirements are needed for individuals coming into your sector.

CITB manages the structures for vocational qualifications. We base the content for these structures on the relevant National Occupational Standards.

The structures are approved by employers and industry stakeholders. Training organisations base their courses on the structures.

See the current recommended qualification structure and national vocational qualification structure for this occupational area.

Recommended qualification structures

Recommended Qualification Structure for Trowel occupations (Construction) Level 1 v4 01-19 (PDF, 22 KB)

Recommended Qualification Structure for Trowel occupations (Construction) Level 2 v8 01-19 (PDF, 29KB)

Recommended Qualification Structure for Trowel occupations (Construction) Level 3 v8 01-19 (PDF, 29KB)

Recommended Qualification Structure for Brickwork Technician Level 2 (PDF, 391KB)

Structures for NVQs/SVQ

Trowel Occs Combined NVQ & TQT v1 05-19 (PDF, 40KB)

Trowel Occs Combined NVQ & TQT v1 05-19 (PDF, 31KB)

Brickwork Technician Combined Level 2 (PDF, 265KB)

SVQ in Bricklaying at SCQF Level 5 (PDF, 390KB)

SVQ in Bricklaying at SCQF Level 6 (PDF, 390KB)

If you would like to suggest changes to the current standards or have a suggestion for the structures, please complete our Standards enquiry form.

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