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Survey of levy and grant support 2021

The survey of non-represented employers showed support for the 2022-2025 Levy Proposals.

When asked about the importance of the Levy, grant, and funding system in encouraging training across the construction industry, 66% say it is important, compared to 22% unimportant.

If there were no statutory training body like CITB to collect Levy funds to encourage training, significantly more employers believe that progress in the industry would worsen rather than improve:

  • Industry wide skills issues would worsen (47% vs 8%)
  • Recruitment of construction apprentices would worsen (45% vs 10%)
  • Development of construction standards and qualifications would worsen (46% vs
  • Attraction of new workers into the construction sector (31% vs 9%)

Employers were then asked about support for the 2022-2025 Levy Proposals (Consensus), with 58% of employers liable to pay Levy showing support. There is higher support in Scotland (73%) and Wales (68%) than in England (56%) while Large/Medium employers (50+) show a higher support at 69% than Small employers (10-49) 64% and Micro employers (0-9) 55%.

To achieve Consensus CITB also needs to demonstrate that more than 50% of Levy payable is paid by employers that are supportive of the proposals. By this measure 55% of Levy payable is paid by employers showing support by way of this survey.

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