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Can you offer leadership and management training to the construction industry?

CITB is encouraging more providers to sign up to become an Approved Training Organisation and offer vital training for the construction industry.

The organisation has waived the joining fee of £750 for providers to encourage more to become CITB approved, enabling them to offer essential training and reap the many benefits available to businesses.

The waiver has been implemented following the recent launch of the CITB Leadership and Management Grant, which offers a £70 grant for each short standard achieved through an ATO. Leadership and management are key behavioural skills, an area where construction employers have identified a need for greater support and training. Through a series of 11 short courses, a new framework designed by CITB, construction supervisors and managers will become more confident in areas such as, leading and organising their teams, handling difficult situations, and problem solving.

Becoming an ATO provides the opportunity to make a real difference for an industry at the forefront of Britain’s economy, but there are many other benefits in becoming CITB approved. Only ATOs can deliver this framework of training, meaning providers who sign up to become approved have access to a new group of learners who wouldn’t have considered using their services previously. Additionally, providers will be supported through CITB’s Engagement Team and can advertise through CITB’s Construction Training Directory for free, increasing their reach to larger employers operating nationwide.

Heather Broadhurst, Director at Now U Know Training, said:

“We decided to become an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) because we were frightened to miss out. A lot of our customers were already registered with CITB and if we weren’t on that list then we were going to miss out on potential opportunities going forward.

“It’s so beneficial for us to have the directory and be able to put all of our courses on there, it’s so simple to upload and really drives business to us. The Construction Training Register is used every time we run a course. After the course has been completed, we are then able to upload the delegate’s qualifications directly onto the register and that’s then visible for them and their employer to see.

“CITB were great at putting in place communication methods. They did webinars, they did events where they talked to us directly, and we’ve got a point of contact within CITB that we’re able to go to if we do have any queries.”

Dawn Hillier, Head of Standards and Qualifications Strategy at CITB, said:

“Becoming an ATO is a fantastic opportunity which we urge every training provider or department to consider. It allows you to deliver courses and qualifications to a defined and industry-agreed standard, helping you to become recognised amongst the British construction industry and stand out from your competitors.

“With an estimated demand for an additional 50,000 workers every year, it’s becoming increasingly important to develop the behavioural skills of the construction managers of today and leaders of tomorrow. Signing up to be an ATO provides the chance to get involved and become an integral part of this movement, helping to shape the future of construction, while branching out your business to a whole new customer base.”

CITB’s recently launched Business Plan for 2022/23 highlights the importance of supporting leadership and management training to help address future skills needs. CITB’s investment in this area will support retention of existing talent by helping to alter behaviours and workplace cultures, ensuring all workers feel happy and empowered to do their job.

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