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CITB responds to industry demand for leadership and management training

CITB has announced an exciting new development opportunity for employers wanting to improve leadership and management skills across their business.

The launch of 11 short courses, developed following industry feedback and aligned to ILM qualification standards, will provide frontline construction supervisors and managers with the skills and increased confidence needed to carry out their roles.

Whether they are site based or office based, employees can access the standardised leadership and management training and receive support in areas such as, leading and organising their teams, handling difficult situations, and problem solving. They will also be able to tailor the training to their specific needs, choosing to take one module as a short course or take a “pick and mix” approach to learning, opting to take several different courses within the framework to benefit their personal development.

The training aims to help all Levy-registered employers, enabling them to receive between £70 - £120 for each module through short duration grant support. Additionally, for those wanting to further increase personal development, they can complete the Construction ILM Level 3 Award or Certificate in Leadership and Management Practice, which continues to be available through the CITB Grant Scheme.

Further benefits come from the new range of courses being solely available through CITB’s Approved Training Organisations (ATOs). Employers can rest assured with the knowledge that their provider has met CITB standards, as well as benefitting from the increased flexibility in the delivery of training. For businesses keen to minimise travel time, they can participate in training at a location convenient for them, through accessing a live learning session with a tutor online.

James Fleming, Managing Director of The Power Within Training, said:

“Leadership and Management is a core competency of any successful and thriving business, and is required more today than at any other time in history. As a CITB Approved Training Organisation, specialising in leadership and management development, it gives us great pleasure and admiration to see CITB release this new suite of courses. This will allow business owners and organisations of all sizes to increase their skills and confidence in this area of expertise.

“We have not only embraced this new vision from CITB but also developed new course content around these new specifications and framework. We look forward to helping the UK construction sector thrive in the coming years.”

Dawn Hillier, Head of Standards and Qualifications Strategy at CITB, said:

“The new leadership and management courses offer a fantastic opportunity – not just for employees already at that level but also for those with big career ambitions, keen to progress into a supervisory or managerial role. This training could make a big impact, providing the step up someone needs.

“I’m also delighted that we have been able to launch this highly requested training with the financial support of the short duration grant. With an estimated demand for an additional 50,000 workers every year, it’s becoming increasingly important to develop the behavioural skills of the construction managers of today and leaders of tomorrow.”

CITB’s recently launched Business Plan for 2022/23 highlights the importance of supporting leadership and management training to help address future skills needs. CITB’s investment in this area will support talent retention, by ensuring Britain’s existing construction workforce can progress through their career feeling positive and empowered to do their job.

Visit the CITB website for more details on leadership and management training.