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Leadership and Management training with CITB

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Leadership and management are key skills for all construction sites and an area where the industry has identified a need for greater support and training. CITB has a range of different resources from short course grants to funded ILM qualifications to support all employers.

“We commend CITB’s commitment to bridging leadership & management skills gaps within the construction industry. In allocating funding for both short courses and an ILM leadership & management qualification, CITB are helping to embed knowledge and skills that will progress individual careers and improve performance and productivity across the industry.”David Phillips, Managing Director at City & Guilds.

ILM’s level 3 Leadership and Management Practice for the Construction and Built Environment Sector qualification and CITB’s Leadership and Management courses are designed to give frontline supervisors and managers the skills and increased confidence they need to carry out their roles effectively in areas such as, leading and organising their teams, handling difficult situations, and problem solving. By combining CITB’s expertise in the construction industry with ILM’s market-leading leadership & management qualifications, this ensures the short courses teach best-in-class leadership & management skills and behaviours that are tailored to industry needs.

Who can benefit from the Leadership and Management Training?

Supervisors and managers can be site based or office based, as long as they are managing a team or could do so in the future. Although, the training has been designed to support managers and supervisors’ development, any employee who could benefit from the training can take part.

Employers who have put in place Leadership and Management training for their staff have seen:

  • An increase in productivity
  • Reduction in the number of man hours on site
  • Leadership and management training contributing towards a safe working environment for all staff
  • The benefits of improved retention by offering training that supports employees long term career ambitions and continuous professional development

What Leadership and Management training options are CITB providing?

CITB are supporting the industry with leadership and management training via the following routes:

  1. Short courses - Employees can choose to take one module as a short course or take a “pick and mix” approach to learning, opting to take several different courses within the framework to benefit their personal development.
  2. Full qualification - For anyone preferring to do a complete qualification, CITB are providing 10,500 free spaces on the Construction ILM Level 3 Award or Certificate in Leadership and Management Practice training programme
  3. Further funding support for Leadership and Management training - Financial support to businesses to help towards the cost of developing their managers, leaders, and supervisors

Short courses

Short Courses - What are the Benefits

CITB has created these short courses to support employers, as detailed in our recent business plan.

The new framework helps all levy registered employers access standardised and transferable Leadership and Management training through a series of short courses. This means that

  • Employers can choose from a range of short courses that support their own managers and supervisors’ skills development
  • There are no long assignments as part of the training, minimising the amount of time the training takes to complete
  • For the first time, employers will be able to access short duration grant support for Leadership and Management training
  • There is flexibility of delivery – employers can find training providers who offer the courses in person or remotely
  • The new standards act as a guide for employers who are not sure what training would be useful for a supervisor
  • The courses can be used as personal development for someone not quite ready to move into a supervisory role but is part of their long-term career ambitions

Which Short courses are available?

A range of courses are available to cover a variety of different skills supervisors may need from handling difficult conversations right through to commercial awareness and logistics. The courses are:

How do I find a training provider for the short courses

Leadership and Management short courses are only available through CITB’s Approved Training Organisations (ATOs). The training can either be completed in person or remotely. This means any employers and employees looking to minimise travel time can opt to take part in the training at a location convenient for them, with access to a live learning session with a tutor online.

For more details of the courses and ATOs offering this training, please fill in the short online form and your local CITB engagement adviser will be in contact.

For more information - online form 

If you would like to use a training provider that is not currently an Approved Training Organization (ATO), CITB can help them to become one - How to become an ATO

Is there CITB grant available for the short courses?

CITB Registered Employers can receive between to £70 - £120 for each module, thanks to our short course grant

Apply for a short course grant

Full qualification

ILM Qualification - What are the Benefits

To offer further support and provide leadership and management training opportunities CITB is investing £10.5million to offer free Leadership and Management training courses and qualifications.

The commission, awarded in December 2022 and to run until 31st March 2025, will provide 10,500 free ILM leadership and management courses to front-line managers, site supervisors and site managers in England, Scotland and Wales.

  • Pre-defined package of 5 modules that cover the core learnings needed to be a great leader
  • Measurable results: workplace-based assessment ensures new skills are effectively transferred to your business
  • The 10,500 free places have been allocated across the whole country
  • Achievement of a recognised qualification that is transferable
  • The courses can be used as personal development for someone not quite ready to move into a supervisory role but is part of their long-term career ambitions

Which modules are available?

The two mandatory modules:

  • 8626-300 Leadership and Management Practice for the Construction and Built Environment Sector
  • 8626-301 Delivery of Site Operations and Logistics

And any further 3 modules from the list below (dependant on training provider):

  • 8626-302 Understanding Commercial Awareness
  • 8626-303 Handling Difficult Situations
  • 8626-304 Reading and Executing a Short-Term Programme
  • 8626-305 Achieving Performance Through People

How do I find a free space?

Free ILM qualification places are being provided by the following training partners:

For more details of the programme offered by each training partner please visit their websites.

How do I qualify for a free space?

Trainee’s taking up the free offer must have a full-time contract of direct employment (PAYE) with a Levy registered employer or be a CIS subcontractor to the employer. CITB funding for this training is open to all in-scope CITB registered employers who do not have any outstanding levy submissions. 

Funding is not available for subcontracted labour or those individuals that are self-employed.

Your employer will be asked to pay a registration fee of up to £151, but the remainder of the training will be free.

Further funding support for Leadership and Management training

In addition to the short courses available through the Grants scheme and the full qualification funding, there are additional funding options available if you wish to offer more bespoke leadership training.

If you are a large employer (above 250 direct employees) looking to provide bespoke leadership and management training for your team, you can apply to our Leadership and Management Fund

If you have a smaller business with less than 250 direct employees, you can apply for Leadership and Management training through our Skills and Training Fund