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Consultation on 1,000 construction training standards

CITB is embarking on its biggest ever consultation, with industry views from across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (via CITBNI) being sought on more than 1,000 new and existing construction training standards. 

On a rolling five year basis CITB reviews and updates training standards to check with industry that they stay up to date and relevant, and consultation for the next stage of the five-year cycle is now open.

With so many different standards and trades involved, CITB is asking industry stakeholders how they would like to participate, which can include the following means: 

  • online
  • telephone 
  • webinars
  • face to face meetings
  • steering groups
  • roadshows 

The first step is now under way, with six National Occupational Standards (NOS) suites which have been prioritised by Skills Development Scotland on behalf of the devolved nations being reviewed by CITB and additionally a large number of Short Duration Course Training Standards prioritised by CITB itself.  

Mark Noonan, CITB Industry Relations Director, said: “Standards underpin our industry, and CITB’s role is to reflect the opinions of industry, not define the standards ourselves.

"I would strongly urge industry to get involved – don’t let somebody else define your trade.”

Interested parties have until 20 September to give their views on how they would like to be canvassed - for more information, visit the CITB website page about the consultation