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Help beat construction’s skills shortage by inspiring young people

Are you passionate about construction and want to show others what you do? Your enthusiasm and love for your job could inspire the next generation to join the sector. Faced with skills shortages, that’s exactly what a new campaign wants to achieve.

CITB, in partnership with STEM Learning, recently launched a new industry specific ambassador scheme. The Go Construct STEM Ambassador Scheme brings to life the use of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths within the sector. For example, a bricklayer setting out lines, angles and quantities of bricks involves maths, while using materials and chemicals to mix cement relates to science.

Go Construct STEM Ambassadors are construction professionals, from apprentices up to company directors, that inspire young people by sharing their experiences of how their studies led to a varied and rewarding career in the industry.

Anjali Pindoria, a Go Construct STEM Ambassador, said: “It is so rewarding; you’re leaving a lasting impact on young people by inspiring and engaging them about construction and actually shaping what it is that they know about our industry.”

The Go Construct STEM Ambassador scheme is run by CITB, on behalf of STEM, and with a target of 1,700 ambassadors by 2024, the scheme could be key to altering perceptions of the industry through highlighting positive personal experiences. Current ambassadors come from a range of construction disciplines, are aged 17 and over, and at various stages of their careers, with 45% of them being women.  

Recent research says construction will need to recruit an additional 217,000 new workers by 2025 just to meet demand. The Go Construct STEM Ambassadors are part of a wider programme of CITB initiatives to tackle the skills shortage, including educating careers advisors on the huge variety of professions available, traineeships, work experience, virtual site tours, and more.   

Stephen George, CITB Careers Product Manager, said: “Without knowing what’s available, young people that would have been great in construction could drift into other sectors. Our ambassadors help inspire the next generation. Not everyone has a role model at home or at school who inspires them to know what they want to do with their lives – sharing your story could be that spark.”

Find out more about Go Construct STEM Ambassadors.