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Brickwork Upskilling


Changing industry culture, Productivity and new ways of working, Sectors and roles, Small employer support, New qualifications and courses

The ABC Assessment Centre Ltd

England, Scotland and Wales



Specialist, Infrastructure, Housing, Commercial

The recently published Construction Skills Network 2023 – 2027 data shows a continuing demand for bricklayers in the Homebuilding Sector. It is estimated that the industry needs 4,000 additional bricklayers per annum.

Since 2019, CITB has invested in the delivery of bricklaying skills. CITB have funded the development of 16 short courses in specific areas of brick work (e.g. Installing Fire Barriers & Breaks, Brick Slip Systems and Sills, Copings, Cappings and Junctions) and delivered brickwork standards training to 15 colleges. As of February 2023, this upskilling programme had supported over 1500 learning interventions in further education (“FE”) programmes and to over 400 experienced bricklayers .

This project seeks to expand the delivery of the existing brickwork upskilling programme to retain existing workers, support new workers and college learners and increase productivity of the homebuilding sector.

01 Oct 2023

30 Sep 2026