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Building on BIM function specific BIM training


Digital and new technology, Learning resources, New qualifications and courses

Vinci PLC

Taylor Woodrow; PEMCO training

Great Britain



Commercial, Housing, Infrastructure, Specialist

The programme will create a publically shared rubric built on VINCI best practices for the industry to use to upskill their job families in BIM. This is in response to the ambitious 2025 Construction Strategy which aims to achieve 33% reductions in costs and a 50% increase in efficiency through full BIM integration.

After the project, 14 short-duration e-learning modules will be freely available to use by industry. BIM ambassadors will be upskilled to champion the use of BIM in construction roles and promote the modules. A BIM framework will be developed that will go on to inform CITB activity in identifying and standardising digital competencies.

  • Develop a BIM function-specific learning framework
  • Develop learning materials for 14 e-learning modules
  • Create a train the trainer course and BIM champions to disseminate content
  • Create 140 BIM Champion trainers.

01 Jan 2017

31 Oct 2018

End of project summary

This project finished in December 2018. The function specific BIM Learning Framework was developed and contains information about the e-learning modules that have been allocated to different job families.