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Creation of demolition non-specific guidance notes


Learning resources, Sectors and roles, Small employer support

National Demolition Training Group

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This project will produce 5 individual demolition specific sets of guidance notes. These guidance notes will be used by the Federation members and the wider industry to assist in ensuring that the knowledge of existing demolition sector staff including new employees is up to date providing access to clear, concise and current guidance notes, which ensure continued safe working and good practice.

Develop and produce guidance notes covering:

  • Demolition of structured panels
  • Demolition of waste resource protocol 
  • Demolition explosives guidance 
  • Removal of lift shafts gear during demolition and refurbishment 
  • Top down demolition revision to floor load testing.

01 Aug 2016

31 Jul 2017

End of project summary

The project finished in November 2017.  Only two sets of guidance notes were produced due to project resource issues.  The company received £7,068 of the original £17,670 that was awarded.