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Digital Transformation through Leaders (Giving leaders the skills to drive digital change)

Training and development

Changing industry culture, Productivity and new ways of working, Digital and new technology, Learning resources, Leadership and management, Small employer support

Setting out for construction

George Lesley Ltd; Luddon Construction Ltd; Tough Construction Ltd; Scottish Civils Training Group

Scotland, GB



The project delivers skills through a flexible model that allows leaders to engage in a way most appropriate to their needs. 

  • This model allows leaders to select and implement the elements of digital construction most beneficial to their organisation through a menu of open training courses, in-house support and coaching, seminars, webinars, on-line courses, written resources, an online diagnostic tool, open source teaching and training materials and by connecting construction companies to relevant experts.
  • The project will target employers in the civil engineering sector in Scotland with post-project GB and wider sector scalability. It will upskill industry trainers and mentors to ensure the sustainability of the project.
  • After the project participating employers will have taken measurable steps to digitalisation.  SOFC will continue to offer the service commercially, whilst making all training content freely available so others can also do the same. The trainers and mentors will continue to benefit their companies and supply chains.
  • 1,000 training interventions with construction leaders
  • 1x organisational digital maturity diagnostic
  • 1x decision matrix mapping all digital tools benefits and use cases
  • 60x trainers created to deliver content
  • 6x 1-2 day training courses
  • 6x e-learning modules
  • 1x digital strategy day for employer
  • 1x digital tools seminar
  • 1x round table discussion with digital advanced leaders
  • 2+ digital tool themed webinars
  • 1x tech demonstration days
  • 1x mentoring scheme

01 Nov 2019

01 Apr 2023