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Home Building Skills Partnership

Training and development

Productivity and new ways of working, Learning resources, Sectors and roles, Small employer support, Careers and recruitment, New qualifications and courses, Leadership and management, Changing industry culture

Home Builders Federation

Great Britain




The project will develop a sector infrastructure that will define how we attract, train and retain a skilled and professional workforce sufficient to build over 1 million new homes in the next 5 years.

By engaging up to 100 homebuilders and targeting specific occupations, and with the support and leadership of the homebuilders. The project will create and develop an industry-responsive infrastructure which will communicate the benefits of smart recruitment, training and retaining to up to 3,500 homebuilders and homebuilding supply chain companies across the UK.

  • Design common industry standards for critical roles in homebuilding
  • Engage 100 businesses in the development of a training and development needs analysis
  • Upskill 1,000 individuals in a range of modules.

01 Mar 2016

31 Dec 2019