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Multi-skilling in construction to address strategic industry priorities


Productivity and new ways of working, Learning resources


University of Salford, Stockport Homes




Commercial, Housing, Infrastructure, Specialist

This project addresses the issues of supply and demand in multi-skilled training by:

  • Increasing the quality of provision and capacity to train
  • Raising awareness of the potential of multi-skilling to tackle strategic industry priorities
  • Deliver quantifiable business and employee benefits.
  • Train 2 employees to become multi-skilled assessors
  • Train 6 new entrants to become multi-skilled operatives
  • Produce research report showing productivity benefits of multi-skilling.

01 Feb 2016

31 Aug 2017

End of project summary

The project finished in November 2017.  All training was completed increasing B4Box's workforce productivity and their capacity to offer multiskilled training internally and externally. 

A research report is available to support the value of a multi-skilled approach in construction.