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Productivity - reducing rework - Vinci PLC (commission)


Changing industry culture, Productivity and new ways of working, Learning resources, Small employer support, New qualifications and courses, Leadership and management

Vinci PLC

Costain, BAM Nuttall

Great Britain



The project will increase productivity by reducing the errors and defects that cause rework. Modules and e-learning will be developed and piloted that will deliver ‘right first time’ behaviours at operational level of organisations. To make the project scalable, set of train the trainer resources will be produced.

Research will identify and recommend ways of measuring the rate errors and defects. This will help to set out an industry baseline to measure any future impact on productivity.

After the project, the course modules and teaching resources will be made freely available to industry and be eligible for short-duration grant funding. Guidance on how to implement the training with their partner modules from the other two 'Get it right' projects to deliver change on a project or in an organisation. Guidance will explain how to deliver training, when and with which roles.

  • 2 e-learning modules: design interface for Supervisors and Managers Programme
  • 2 e-learning modules for train the trainer
  • 1 research report onto the effectiveness of error & defect metrics.

01 Mar 2018

31 Aug 2019