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Project pHAEton


Digital and new technology, Learning resources, New qualifications and courses

Hire Association Europe

Drilling and sawing association; demolition contractors association


The project will develop a web-based content creation platform and community space that allows users to generate their own learning experiences for virtual and augmented reality.  

The system will use a simple drag and drop interface and will include a learner management system that will allow learning experiences to be tracked, monitored and quality assured.

The platform will host VR content developed by HAE from other projects.  Content will be accessible in 3D via a computer screen and in PDF. The platform will be hosted by HAE, will be available to use by industry and funded by means of a low-cost pricing model.

After the project, industry will have access to a platform which allows for anyone to create VR and AR learning experiences in a simple and intuitive way.

  • Content creation VR / AR platform
  • Modules:
    • Mental Health at Work
    • Environment and sustainability
    • Dust / Silica / Asbestos; Banksman / Traffic Marshalling
    • Introduction to Hire
  • Delivered to: 850 NVQ candidates; 52 SUP candidates; 40 Trailblazer candidates

31 May 2019

30 Apr 2021

Resources available