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Quality and skills training 'Spotlight on the industry'

Training and development

Changing industry culture, Careers and recruitment, Productivity and new ways of working, Learning resources, Sectors and roles, Small employer support

British Drilling Association

The Association of Geo-environmental & Geotechnical Specialists; The Federation of Piling Specialists; Equipe; GeoDrilling; HS2

Great Britain




The project is an awareness campaign which will emphasise the importance of employing competent, highly trained and professional companies and personnel; increase training of new Apprenticeships and increase NVQ uptake; ensure that educational institutions charged with training future workforces understand the importance of relevant and compulsory qualifications. It will produce a paper: ‘Spotlight on Industry’ - this paper will share findings devised from this awareness campaign. It will be published in industry-specific journals to raise awareness and trigger debate

• Engagement campaign reaching 200 individuals, and 30 organisations; 
• Deliver ‘driller days’ and seminars

01 Nov 2016

31 Jan 2018

End of project summary

The project finished in January 2018. Funding allowed the British Drilling Association to develop a presentation educating people about the correct standards and qualifications that should be specified before any land drilling project takes place. This presentation was delivered to 467 people at 38 events across the UK. Feedback from participants has been positive.