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Robots for roofing


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Lacy Roofing

UAV-AIR Drone trainers, NWRTG





The project will train five staff to CAA (pilots for drones) standard. The purpose of the project is to negate the need for staff to work at extreme height whilst carrying out roof work inspections working at height is high risk. Therefore; we look to reduce staff working at height, thereby negate the risk apportioned to them This project will allow us to increase the number of roof inspections carried out by us. Resulting in upskilled staff and increased work outputs.

Train 5 staff to qualify as registered CAA Drone pilots

01 Apr 2016

31 Jan 2017

End of project summary

This project was not completed as expected. A course outline was received but no staff undertook any training. The company claimed £10,430 of the project funding in line with their Funding Agreement but due to lack of progress the project was formally terminated by CITB in January 2018.