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Scaffolding Instructors

Training and Development

Construction Industry Scaffolder Record Scheme (CISRS)

England, Wales



There is strong demand for additional CISRS qualified scaffolders to support the level of current and
upcoming housebuilding, energy retrofit and infrastructure work, and this is expected to grow in the
coming years. Based upon current levels of Scaffold training through the Construction Industry
Scaffolder Record Scheme (CISRS) in GB there may be difficulty meeting delivery demand in the
future. There are several factors that contribute to this issue with the two main ones are listed below:

  • The number of Industry accredited CISRS centres in certain regions does not meet the training
  • The number of accredited instructors within the industry does not maximise the capacity at
    every accredited centre. This project aims to increase the number of Scaffolding Instructors to ensure there are enough instructors for the centres.


The key outputs are:

  • Achieve 16 Part 1 accreditations
  • Achieve 6 Part 2 accreditations

01 Nov 2022

31 Oct 2024