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Sustainable skills for the SME


Productivity and new ways of working, Digital and new technology, Careers and recruitment, Learning resources, Sectors and roles, Small employer support

National Federation of Builders

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Great Britain



Specialist, Infrastructure, Housing, Commercial

The project will work with and enable NFB members to engage with schools to make students, their careers advisors and parents/guardians aware of the opportunities and benefits of a career within our industry.

This will be achieved through a virtual reality BIM model designed by young people to engage with young people and demonstrate how the industry is transforming to a digital environment.

  • 10 SMEs to deliver activity days to 10 schools, and to 300 students
  • Activity days will demonstrate opportunities within construction with a focus on new technology
  • Coordination of 50 employers attending 10 school careers fairs / activities
  • With a goal to reach 3,500 students.

01 Feb 2016

31 Dec 2017

End of project summary

The project finished in December 2017. Funding was used to directly engage with 974 young people and demonstrated that with the right approach attitudes towards the industry can be influenced and changed. A survey of 625 beneficiaries pre and post activity demonstrated that 55% of those that were unsure or did not want a career in construction had changed their minds and would now consider it as an option (from 144 people to 402).