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Applying for short course grants

CITB Registered employers can apply for CITB grants for approved short courses (training that lasts from a minimum of 3 hours to maximum 29 days).

How to apply for grants online

If you are using a training provider who hasn't yet completed the CITB Approved Training Organisation (ATO) approvals process, you must make your grant application via our online system. Here's how:

  1. Sign up to CITB online. (If this is your first visit, once you've registered you will be sent an email to validate your account and set up your password).
  2. When you are on the home page of the CITB Online portal, click on the 'Grant' button, where you’ll be prompted to log in.
  3. Once you are in the Grants online system, click on short duration claim information.
  4. Choose whether you want to make an individual claim (single course / learner) or a bulk claim (multiple courses / learners).
  5. You will need to know the grant eligible training (GET) code that relates to the short course you are applying for grant for when you are completing either form. You can find the code by searching for the course here.

If you choose to complete an individual grant claim:

  1. Click on the Short duration individual grant claim button.
  2. Enter the learner details as requested on the form.
  3. If the learner doesn’t exist on our database, you will need to create a new learner profile.
  4. In the learner profile complete details of the claim (* denotes a mandatory field).
  5. Submit the form.
  6. You will be paid the relevant amount via Bacs.

Watch our video about making an individual grant claim below or see it on YouTube.

If you choose to make a bulk claim:

  1. Our system has a bulk upload function. This means you can quickly and easily export data in your system into the Short duration grant claim form.
  2. Click on the Short duration bulk grant claim button and follow the instructions in the grant portal.

Watch our video about making bulk claims below or see it on YouTube.

For support on applying for this grant you can contact your local CITB Adviser or our customer services team on 0344 994 4455.