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Site operating procedures and COVID-19 site safety checklists and forms

Site operating procedures

The site operating procedures produced by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) will remain available after 19 July. Whilst they no longer reflect the latest Government guidance, businesses across the supply chain have welcomed the consistency that the site operating procedures have provided and they may wish to maintain elements of social distancing for the time being.

The use of face coverings in construction has been updated in line with the latest Government guidance from 19 July and it is recommended that the good practices the industry has adopted over the last 18 months are retained.

You can read the updated site operating procedures and guidance on face coverings on the CLC website.

COVID-19: Site safety checklists and forms

During the pandemic it is essential that the workforce is protected to minimise the risk of infection on construction sites.

We have worked hard with the CLC and others to produce a comprehensive range of interactive checklists and forms to assist construction employers. The resources will ensure that those who are permitted and able to return to work have a clear understanding of how they can apply the CLC’s COVID-19 Site operating procedures guidance (Version 7, updated 7 January 2021) in practice. Guidance on issues such as close working, cleaning and what employees should do if they become unwell is included. 

Download: All COVID-19 forms (ZIP file, 2MB)

CC01: COVID-19 – Site operating procedures compliance checklist

An interactive checklist, designed to be used to ensure compliance with current guidance on protecting your workforce on site during the COVID-19 pandemic. The checklist can be amended with additional comments to ensure it aligns with specific site policies. The checklist will help organisations to establish whether crucial health and safety principles are embedded in their day-to-day operations during the pandemic.

Download: CC01 COVID-19 - Site operating procedures compliance checklist (PDF file, 1MB)

CC02: COVID-19 – Health, safety and environmental risk assessment template

A guide offering example control measures for those required to undertake risk assessment of the workplace and specific activities on site. An interactive risk assessment template is also included in order to facilitate this process.

Download: CC02 COVID-19 - Health safety and environment risk assessment template (PDF file, 1MB)

CC03: COVID-19 – A toolbox talk for construction workers

Designed to be delivered to construction workers by their manager or supervisor. Good communication is essential for health and safety management on construction sites. It is vitally important that contractors, managers and supervisors engage and consult with workers, as it is an effective way of identifying hazards and controlling risks.

CC03: COVID-19 – A toolbox talk for construction workers (PDF file, 240KB)

CC04: COVID-19 – Weekly site operating procedures checklist

An interactive checklist, designed to ensure on-going compliance with both established and additional procedures.

CC04: COVID-19 – Weekly site operating procedures checklist (PDF file, 1MB)

Additional resources

Examination of lifting equipment

We have released our complete library of 98 interactive checklists and forms from our GE700 Construction Site Safety publication for free download. The comprehensive range of checklists and forms are designed to help with the day-to-day management of construction sites.

The government published guidance on working safely during COVID-19 in construction and other outdoor work, to help employers, employees and the self-employed understand how to work safely.