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Apply for a CITB Apprenticeship

CITB provides the best practical support to make everything as simple as possible. We can help with costs and advice by assigning one of our apprenticeship officers to make it as easy as possible.

You are two steps away from becoming a CITB Apprentice:

Step 1

Find out more with our useful guide construction apprenticeship application support.

Step 2

Register and apply now.

We will email you an application key when you register. You can use this to return to your application securely if you need to leave the form before it's completed.

In order to complete our application form you will need:

  • An email address
    • We will contact you by email to prompt you to complete your application, to support you through the process of becoming an Apprentice and at times during your Apprenticeship.
    • Your email address needs to be one that you visit regularly. If you do not have an email address then search the internet to find a service that will let you create your own email address free of charge.
    • Remember to use an email address that won't offend any future employers.
  • NI Number
    • We need your NI number to complete a lot of forms in order to claim funding for your Apprenticeship.
    • If you do not have an NI Number please enter a temporary number beginning TN followed by 6 numbers and ending in M or F (depending on your gender).
  • Scottish Candidate Number if you live in Scotland
  • English and Math results if you live in England (or your expected results)
  • Your chosen career path
    • You will need to tell us of at least one choice in your application form.
    • We might offer you an Apprenticeship in an alternative trade but we will always ask you before we do this. 
  • The contact details of any company which has offered you employment in construction.
    • This includes a reference ID you may have been given by an employer.
    • Don’t worry if you have yet to find an employer we will help you along the way.
    • You can begin the process by searching for any vacancies on this website or with the National Apprenticeship Service (in England).
  • You need to consider whether you are willing to travel and to possibly stay away from home as some courses might only be delivered at one or two locations.

If you get an error message

If you get an on-screen message saying that your email address has previously been registered with an application, look for an automated email in your inbox which contains your application key.

Once you have found the application key, click on the 'Retrieve saved form' button which is at the bottom left-hand corner of the form and enter the application key and email address to retrieve and resume your incomplete application.

Fair Processing Notice

The information provided to the Construction Industry Training Board (“CITB”) in this form will be used for the application and administration of an apprenticeship and for purposes connected with our role as an Industrial Training Board in accordance with the Industrial Training Act 1982.

Your data will be held securely and treated confidentially and will not be disclosed to external parties other than as required for the purposes described above, which will include:

  • sharing with Further Education establishments or training providers
  • sharing with current or prospective employers
  • publishing your achievements on the CITB Construction Training Register
  • sharing with awarding organisations or competency card schemes if you apply for their products.

For information explaining your legal rights and how we use your information, please view our privacy policy.

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