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Supporting behavioural change within the UK’s aviation infrastructure


Changing industry culture, Sectors and roles, Small employer support

National Association of Shop-fitters




The project will deliver the CITB's Achieving Behavioural Change (ABC) programme. This essential programme:

  • covers legal duties of employers and employees
  • defines hazards, risks and control measures
  • lists possible causes of accidents
  • helps employees understand the link between attitude and behaviour, the costs of poor safety performance, the benefits of good safety performance and how to put ABC into practice.

After the end of the project, workers in the Manchester airport Group Estate will have achieved the training and will have the skill-sets to improve safety in the working environment.

  • Deliver short-duration training in ‘Achieving Behavioural Change’ to 2,250 employees working on Manchester Airport Group estate

01 Jun 2017

31 Dec 2018