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Results of CITB funding

Over the last three years, CITB has awarded £62m to projects which improve training standards, recruitment, productivity, and the use of new technology in the construction industry.

Our funding is distributed through the Skills and training fund.

Summaries of the outcome of our funding are periodically published.

Details of the impact from the Skills and training fund and the Commissioned projects fund are below. Details of the impact from Collaborative innovation training will be published in due course.

Our Skills and training fund has awarded close to £14m for a range of training projects since it was launched in 2015:

  • 80% of the funding has gone to construction businesses with fewer than 50 employees
  • 60% of funding has gone to projects in England, with projects in Scotland and Wales getting 28% and 12% of the funds respectively
  • 19% of the funding has gone to projects helping workers over 50 keep up with their skills and knowledge so that they can continue to be productive in the industry
  • over 2,000 workers have benefitted from a Skills and training funded project in 2018-2019 alone.

Employers who have been awarded money from this fund have been overwhelmingly positive about what this funding has meant for them and their business.

“We have increased the number of skilled workers within our company and staff feel valued. Our company is better equipped to compete in a challenging and evolving industry and we have successfully bid for new contracts.”
Cawarden Co. Ltd, England

“The training allowed us to demonstrate a commitment to learning and development, retain key members of staff by offering them opportunities of progression and enhanced our brand in the sector.”
Hadden Construction Ltd, Scotland

“Arguably the biggest impact is how the training we have been able to acquire has helped us successfully win more contracts. As we are able to receive a higher standard of training, we are able to meet and exceed client expectations.”
Manning Construction Ltd, Wales

A list of Skills and training funded projects and accompanying outcomes from 2016 to date is available to download .