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On Site Assessment and Training (OSAT)

On Site Assessment and Training (OSAT) is a method of qualifying construction operatives with a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) whilst they work on site.

NVQs are evidence-based competency qualifications, assessed in the workplace by qualified assessors who are competent in the trades they assess.

NVQs range from level 2 trade occupations up to level 7 construction site management and are made up of a number of units, known as 'standards' which are specific to each qualification.

To complete an NVQ, an assessor will observe operatives at work and ask questions about how the work is completed. The assessor will record what has been demonstrated and discussed against the standards of the NVQ in a portfolio of evidence.

Once the assessor has evidence against all the necessary units, they will sign the portfolio off and then send it off for the NVQ certificate to be claimed.

In most cases the assessor will need several meetings to:

  • Provide the NVQ induction and check that the qualification is appropriate
  • Agree a plan to describe how the evidence will be collected and identify if any training is required
  • Visit site and observe work being completed using site documentation and procedures
  • Ask knowledge questions to cover any gaps in evidence
  • Agree the evidence meets the standards and sign off the portfolio.

The NVQ requirements state that it must be assessed using English, Welsh or Gaelic language

Benefits of OSAT

  • Existing skills, experience, everyday tasks and routine training are used as evidence for obtaining the NVQ
  • Employers benefit from productive work while assessments are taking place
  • Operatives spend little or no time away from the workplace
  • No extra costs for training equipment or venues as existing site facilities are used
  • Nationally recognised NVQs demonstrate competence to potential clients
  • NVQ completion grant for eligible CITB levy registered employers
  • The NVQ achieved can be used to obtain a CSCS card.