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Social media toolkit

Support Go Construct on social media

The easiest way to engage with Go Construct is via social media. We’ve put together some handy lists of ways you can connect with the platform online and help us to create content that encourages people from all backgrounds to enter a career in construction and the built environment.

You can support Go Construct by:

  • Following Go Construct on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube
  • Tagging @GoConstructUK in your social posts
  • Liking our posts, sharing them and engaging with our content
  • Promoting the resources on Go Construct’s website via your channels
  • Engaging with us on awareness days/weeks such as National Apprenticeship Week or International Women’s Day.

Share your stories and opportunities

There are lots of types of social media content you can easily create or share to help us promote our industry via Go Construct.

Take photos or videos of daily life in construction in a way that shows the breadth, diversity and innovative side of the industry.
Share staff stories and photos of real people. How did they get into their role? What's been their proudest professional moment? What do they love most about their job?
Put inspiring colleagues or trainees forward for interviews, plus takeovers, live collaborations and day in the life content on Go Construct channels.
Share facts and figures about life in the industry. How many different roles are involved in one project? How many women does your company employ? What is the biggest project you've worked on?
Share graduate, apprenticeship and job opportunities with us.
Promote careers events online.

You can either connect with us directly on social media or email photos, stories and industry opportunities to info@goconstruct.org using ‘Go Construct content’ as the subject line. For large files, or to send multiple images, consider using WeTransfer to send them over.

Help and resources

We’ve created some guides and templates to help you get involved with Go Construct via social media.

Social media guide (PDF, 3MB)