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Previous Freedom Of Information requests

You can search through the published responses to Freedom Of Information requests listed by subject area. You are able to download the individual PDFs for your own use. If you have made a FOI request, CITB's response will be published here.

Neurodiversity Assessment Platform Procurement (PDF 118KB)
Closed January 2024

CITB Estates removal and resale contract (PDF 276KB)
Closed October 2023

Corporate Estate Contracts (PDF 270KB)
Closed August 2023

CRM System Information (PDF 271KB)
Closed August 2023

IT Contracts (PDF 276KB) (including Attachment 1 082023 (PDF 191KB))
Closed August 2023

IT Hardware and Procurement (PDF 266KB) (including Attachment 1 062023 (PDF 484KB))
Closed July 2023

Printing and Scanning at CITB (PDF 274KB)
Closed June 2023

Cloud Infrastructure (PDF 120KB)
Closed May 2023

Telephony, Microsoft and Storage Technology (PDF 116KB)
Closed March 2023

Connectivity and Network Services (PDF 117KB)
Closed March 2023

Contact Centre, CRM and AI Technology (PDF 116KB)
Closed March 2023

Mystery Shopper Contract Details (PDF 109KB)
Closed February 2023

CITB Managed print Frameworks (PDF 78KB)
Closed October 2022

CITB Printing Arrangements (PDF 22KB)
Closed October 2022

Call Off Contracts (PDF 146KB)
Closed August 2022

CITB and Advance HE (PDF 18KB)
Closed July 2022

CITB Welsh Translation Services (PDF 24KB)
Closed July 2022

CITB External Travel Management Provider (PDF 47KB)
Closed March 2022

CITB HR System Details (PDF 30KB)
Closed March 2022

CITB IT Devices Information (PDF 78KB)
Closed February 2022

CITB Printer details and contract (PDF 106KB)
Closed October 2021

CITB Homeworking Equipment (PDF 17KB)
Closed September 2021

Technologies Used and Services Outsourced by CITB (PDF, 136KB)
Closed 8 June 2021

Cleaning & Catering Contracts Delivered to CITB (PDF, 55KB)
Closed 25 May 2021

Commercial Contractors, Agencies & Construction Payroll Companies Registered as Employers with CITB since April 2021(PDF, 78KB)
Closed 20 May 2021

Suppliers Who Won Employee Engagement Award (PDF, 65KB)
Closed 19 May 2021

CITB Handling of Confidential Waste (PDF, 44KB)
Closed 19 March 2021

CITB ICT Contracts (PDF, 195KB)
Closed 12 March 2021

Communications Contracts (PDF, 164KB)
Closed 17 February 2021

Expenditure on Go Construct & Future Made (PDF, 108KB)
Closed 20 November 2020

CITB IT Contracts (PDF, 90KB) 
Closed 15 October 2020

Cyber Security Spending & Budgets (PDF, 136KB)
Closed 27 July 2020

Contingent Labour & Contractor Resource Expenditure (PDF, 51KB)
Closed 16 June 2020

Products or Resource from FDM Limited or Sparta Global Limited (PDF, 83KB)
Closed 20 May 2020

ERP solutions utilised - 432019 (PDF 77KB)
Closed 25 February 2020

First Aid Training and Mental Health Training (PDF 145KB)
Closed 5 February 2020

Intranet procurement (PDF 39KB)
Closed 15 October 2019

Software supplier and contract details for finance, procurement and invoicing (PDF 36KB)

Print supplier and contract details (PDF 42KB)
Closed 7 June 2019

SAR Response Information (PDF 123KB)
Closed February 2024

Plant Operator of the Year (PDF 120KB)
Closed January 2024

Plant Standards Working Groups (PDF 120KB) (including appendix 1 (PDF 486 KB) and appendix 2 (PDF 1.22MB)
Closed January 2024

SkillBuild Risk Assessments (PDF, 115KB) (Including SkillBuild Risk Assessment 2019 (ZIP, 19.8MB), 2021 (ZIP, 3.46MB), 2022 (ZIP, 15.2MB))
Closed December 2023

Plant Operator of the Year 2023 (PDF 263KB)
Closed October 2023

Scottish Qualifications Consultants and CITB Pension (PDF 275KB)
Closed October 2023

CITB Staff Working Abroad (PDF 309KB)
Closed September 2023

CITB Data Protection Compliance (PDF 271KB)
Closed September 2023

Late Payments Details 2017-2022 (PDF 273KB)
Closed August 2023

Financial Accounts and Funding Details (PDF 273KB) (including Attachments 1-4 512022 (ZIP 3MB))
Closed April 2023

CITB Board Members Apprenticeship Details (PDF 106KB)
Closed March 2023

MIPIM Conference Attendance by CITB (PDF 117KB)
Closed March 2023

CITB Security Accreditation (PDF 110KB)
Closed March 2023

Malicious Emails During 2022 (PDF 486KB)
Closed February 2023

Financial Accounts and Funding Details (PDF 115KB) (including Appendix 1 452022 (PDF 3.9MB))
Closed February 2023

Equality Diversity and Inclusion 352022 (PDF 36KB)
Closed January 2023

Equality Diversity and Inclusion 332022 (PDF 22KB)
Closed January 2023

CITB Annual Accounts Queries 2021-2022 (PDF 78KB)
Closed December 2022

Future Risks and Mitigation (PDF 78KB)
Closed December 2022

CITB IT Staff Contacts (PDF 31KB)
Closed November 2022

Pay Review Details 2022 (PDF 82KB) (including Appendix 1 202022 (PDF 205KB))
Closed October 2022

CITB Contracted Home Workers (PDF 85KB)
Closed September 2022

Furlough Payments (PDF 17KB)
Closed May 2022

CITB Insurance Contract Details (PDF 77KB)
Closed April 2022

CITB Customer Engagement Advisors (PDF 81KB)
Closed March 2022

CITB Losses and Special Payments (PDF 65KB) (including Appendices 1 (PDF 90KB), Appendices 2 (PDF 14KB) and Appendices 3 402021 (PDF 13KB))
Closed February 2022

CITB IT Strategy Additional (PDF 65KB)
Closed January 2022

CITB IT Strategy (PDF 83KB)
Closed December 2021

CITB Malicious Emails and Ransomware (PDF 28KB)
Closed December 2021

CITB Spend over £25000 April 2021 (PDF 64KB)
Closed November 2021

CITB Unique Correspondence Cases 2020-2021 (PDF 82KB)
Closed November 2021

CITB Ransomware Incidents 292021 (PDF 27KB)
Closed October 2021

CITB Ransomware Incidents 232021 (PDF 85KB)
Closed September 2021

CITB Redundancy Information Last 6 years (PDF 91KB)
Closed September 2021

CITB Redundancy Information Last 10 years (PDF 153KB)
Closed September 2021

CITB Sexual Harassment Claims (PDF 66KB)
Closed September 2021

CITB Staff Bullying Information (PDF 74KB)
Closed September 2021

CITB Consultancy Fees (PDF 81KB)
Closed June 2021

CITB Annual Pay Review & Appendix 1 Pay Award Formal Offer (PDF, 82KB)
Closed 20 May 2021

Suppliers Who Won DPS for Provision of Coaching & Facilitators to Leadership and Management Teams (PDF, 75KB)
Closed 19 May 2021

Tribunals Against CITB in Last 3 years (PDF, 33KB)
Closed 14 May 2021

CITB Move to Peterborough Office & Redundancies (PDF, 88KB)
Closed 7 May 2021

Part.1 Door Entry Records for Legal Team & Flexible Working Applications Received Under Redundancy Consultation (PDF, 90KB) & Part.2 Electronic Door Entry Records for Legal Team Until March 2020  
Closed 20 May 2021 and 31 March 2021

Trade Unions for Directly Employed & Contracted Staff (PDF, 71KB)
Closed 3 March 2021

Office Running Costs Peterborough & Bircham (PDF, 17KB)
Closed 16 February 2021

Performance Related Bonus by Year (PDF 133KB)
Closed 11 February 2021

Paper & Digital Storage of Documentation 19/01/21 (PDF, 23KB)
Closed 19 January 2021

Chatbot Service for Citizens (PDF, 23KB)
Closed 19 January 2021

Information Security Contact (PDF, 63KB)
Closed 13 January 2021

CITB Absenteeism (PDF, 289KB)
Closed 4 February 2020

Resignation of Sarah Beale (PDF, 18KB)
Closed 11 December 2020

Expenses & Pay Cuts for Management Team including Apprenticeships Starts Last 3 Years (PDF, 239KB)
Closed 19 June 2020

CITB Employee Figures & Intranet Information & Appendix A Digital Transformation Strategy (PDF, 108KB) 
Closed 4 Aug 2020

CITB Confirm if they were Approached by Industry to Repossess CPCS (PDF, 168KB) 
Closed 16 Sept 2020

CITB Inspection Actions & Appendix 1 Inspections (PDF, 126KB) 
Closed 17 Sept 2020

Services that Require Users to Verify Identity (PDF, 113KB) & 20-020 Appendix 1 Verification of Identity (PDF, 67KB) 
Closed 22 Sept 2020

PR or Public Affairs Providers Used by CITB Since 2020 (PDF, 133KB) 
Closed 10 Nov 2020

CITB 2020 Pay Review & Settlement (PDF, 108KB)
Closed 20 May 2020

CITB Redundancy in Regards to Student Loan Payment (PDF, 127KB)
Closed 13 May 2020

CITB Levy Annual List (PDF, 145KB)
Closed 5 May 2020

Zero Carbon Homes Query (PDF, 156KB)
Closed 29 April 2020

List of companies who are members of CITB (PDF, 16KB) 
Closed 27 April 2020

Levy membership (PDF, 23KB) 
Closed 9 April 2020

Women and apprenticeships (PDF, 197KB) 
Closed 9 April 2020

Go Construct (PDF, 86KB) 
Closed 8 April 2020

HR change and transformation (PDF, 17KB) 
Closed 26 March 2020

IT change and transformation (PDF, 103KB) Change portfolio plan (PDF, 164KB) CT structure review (PDF, 108KB) 
Closed 26 March 2020

Impact of outsourcing (PDF, 74KB) 
Closed 23 March 2020

Levy Working Party (PDF, 5.9MB) 
Closed 18 February 2020

Head office move to Peterborough (PDF, 42KB) 
Closed 18 February 2020

Go Construct (PDF, 30KB) 
Closed 18 February 2020

Spam email details (PDF, 152KB) 
Closed 8 January 2020

Information governance details (PDF, 146KB) 
Closed 6 December 2019

CITB premises and change costs (PDF, 20KB) 
Closed 6 November 2019

CITB employee numbers (PDF, 20KB) 
Closed 22 October 2019

Legislation under which CITB operates (PDF, 24KB) 
Closed 7 October 2019

Federations  and consensus (PDF, 108KB) 
Closed 3 October 2019

Information on staff numbers for Finance Department and its structure (PDF, 43KB) 

2017-2018 CITB annual report (PDF, 56KB) 

Information to the employment history of staff member (PDF, 27KB) 

New Head Office vacancies and redundancies (PDF, 60KB) 

2019-2020 CITB staff pay review (PDF, 47KB) 

2016-2017 CITB annual report (PDF, 65KB) 

FOI Performance

The following table gives a summary of our performance when handling Freedom Of Information requests. These figures will be updated annually.

FOI Performance
Performance Figures  2022 2023
Total requests received 40 49
Total open requests 4 6
Total of open requests with permitted extensions – public interest test 0 0
Total of open requests with permitted extensions – complex and voluminous 0 0
Total requests closed 39 47
Total requests closed within statutory timescale 35 42
Total requests closed >2 weeks after statutory deadline 0 0
Total requests closed with a permitted extension 0 0
Total requests closed outside statutory timescale 4 5
Total closed requests where information was granted in full 28 34
Total closed requests where information was withheld in full 5 7
Total closed requests where information was partially provided 6 4
Total internal reviews received 0 1
Total requests with a stopped clock for clarification 0 1
Total requests with a paused clock for fees notice 0 0