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Ceisiadau Rhyddid Gwybodaeth Blaenorol

Gallwch chwilio trwy'r ymatebion cyhoeddedig o geisiadau Rhyddid Gwybodaeth a restrir yn ôl maes pwnc. Gallwch chi lawr lwytho'r PDFs unigol at eich defnydd eich hun. Os ydych wedi gwneud cais am Rhyddid Gwybodaeth, bydd ymateb CITB yn cael ei gyhoeddi yma.

CITB Annual Pay Review & Appendix 1 Pay Award Formal Offer (PDF, 82KB
Closed 20 May 2021

Suppliers Who Won DPS for Provision of Coaching & Facilitators to Leadership and Management Teams (PDF, 75KB)
Closed 19 May 2021

Tribunals Against CITB in Last 3 years (PDF, 33KB)
Closed 14 May 2021

CITB Move to Peterborough Office & Redundancies (PDF, 88KB)
Closed 7 May 2021

Part.1 Door Entry Records for Legal Team & Flexible Working Applications Received Under Redundancy Consultation (PDF, 90KB) & Part.2 Electronic Door Entry Records for Legal Team Until March 2020  
Closed 20 May 2021 and 31 March 2021

Trade Unions for Directly Employed & Contracted Staff (PDF, 71KB)
Closed 3 March 2021

Office Running Costs Peterborough & Bircham (PDF, 17KB)
Closed 16 February 2021

Performance Related Bonus by Year (PDF 133KB)
Closed 11 February 2021

Paper & Digital Storage of Documentation 19/01/21 (PDF, 23KB)
Closed 19 January 2021

Chatbot Service for Citizens (PDF, 23KB)
Closed 19 January 2021

Information Security Contact (PDF, 63KB)
Closed 13 January 2021

CITB Absenteeism (PDF, 289KB)
Closed 4 February 2020

Resignation of Sarah Beale (PDF, 18KB)
Closed 11 December 2020

Expenses & Pay Cuts for Management Team including Apprenticeships Starts Last 3 Years (PDF, 239KB)
Closed 19 June 2020

CITB Employee Figures & Intranet Information & Appendix A Digital Transformation Strategy (PDF, 108KB) 
Closed 4 Aug 2020

CITB Confirm if they were Approached by Industry to Repossess CPCS (PDF, 168KB) 
Closed 16 Sept 2020

CITB Inspection Actions & Appendix 1 Inspections (PDF, 126KB) 
Closed 17 Sept 2020

Services that Require Users to Verify Identity (PDF, 113KB) & 20-020 Appendix 1 Verification of Identity (PDF, 67KB) 
Closed 22 Sept 2020

PR or Public Affairs Providers Used by CITB Since 2020 (PDF, 133KB) 
Closed 10 Nov 2020

CITB 2020 Pay Review & Settlement (PDF, 108KB)
Closed 20 May 2020

CITB Redundancy in Regards to Student Loan Payment (PDF, 127KB)
Closed 13 May 2020

CITB Levy Annual List (PDF, 145KB)
Closed 5 May 2020

Zero Carbon Homes Query (PDF, 156KB)
Closed 29 April 2020

List of companies who are members of CITB (PDF, 16KB) 
Closed 27 April 2020

Levy membership (PDF, 23KB) 
Closed 9 April 2020

Women and apprenticeships (PDF, 197KB) 
Closed 9 April 2020

Go Construct (PDF, 86KB) 
Closed 8 April 2020

HR change and transformation (PDF, 17KB) 
Closed 26 March 2020

IT change and transformation (PDF, 103KB) Change portfolio plan (PDF, 164KB) CT structure review (PDF, 108KB) 
Closed 26 March 2020

Impact of outsourcing (PDF, 74KB) 
Closed 23 March 2020

Levy Working Party (PDF, 5.9MB) 
Closed 18 February 2020

Head office move to Peterborough (PDF, 42KB) 
Closed 18 February 2020

Go Construct (PDF, 30KB) 
Closed 18 February 2020

Spam email details (PDF, 152KB) 
Closed 8 January 2020

Information governance details (PDF, 146KB) 
Closed 6 December 2019

CITB premises and change costs (PDF, 20KB) 
Closed 6 November 2019

CITB employee numbers (PDF, 20KB) 
Closed 22 October 2019

Legislation under which CITB operates (PDF, 24KB) 
Closed 7 October 2019

Federations  and consensus (PDF, 108KB) 
Closed 3 October 2019

Information on staff numbers for Finance Department and its structure (PDF, 43KB) 

2017-2018 CITB annual report (PDF, 56KB) 

Information to the employment history of staff member (PDF, 27KB) 

New Head Office vacancies and redundancies (PDF, 60KB) 

2019-2020 CITB staff pay review (PDF, 47KB) 

2016-2017 CITB annual report (PDF, 65KB)