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Leadership and Management Development Fund 2020 - Resources only


The guidance, information and resource on this page are from projects completed by large construction companies, with more than 250 directly employed staff, who benefitted from CITB's Leadership and Management Development Fund. The objective of this fund was to enable those construction companies to invest in developing the leadership, management or supervisory skills of their staff. We hope you will find the resulting guidance, information and resource produced by these construction companies useful.

The application window for this fund has now closed.

Project resources

By clicking on each Company, you will be provided with a summary of their funded project. As well as a downloadable file which includes the resources developed through the funded programme.

Company name: AB2000

Company size: 250 - 500

Region: Scotland

Description of project: CITB funding enabled AB2000 to establish a Leadership & Management programme and framework which aligns to business objectives. Whilst establishing a shared vision of what good Leadership & Management looks like against personal performance and business performance. Deliverables include: AB2000 Leadership Programme, Time Management, Commercial Management, Delegation skills, Communication skills, Teamwork and Team Building.

AB2000 project resources - part 1 (ZIP, 40MB)

AB2000 project resources - part 2 (ZIP, 40MB)

Company name: Alfred Bagnall & Sons Ltd

Company size: 600

Region: GB

Description of project:

This project will focus on developing a coherent Leadership & Management training programme for Alfred Bagnall & Sons Supervisors, and Branch Managers.

Deliverables include - Assertive Communications and Lesson plans for 'Leadership & Management behaviours' 'Building highly effective Supervisors' 'Building highly effective Leaders'

Alfred Bagnall & Sons Ltd project resources (ZIP, 1.8MB)

Lesson Plan - Building Highly Effective Supervisors and Leaders (ZIP, 448KB)

Company name: Alun Griffiths Contractors Ltd

Company size: 950+

Region: Wales

Description of project: CITB funding enabled Alun Griffiths Contractors Ltd to use an Online Coaching course provided by Notion. The Star Programme has been designed specifically to train Managers and Leaders to adopt more coaching-related behaviours enabling them to have effective conversations with their teams via operational coaching skills.

Deliverables include: STAR Manager launch programme

STAR Manager Launch (ZIP, 2.2MB)

Company name: Axis Europe PLC

Company size: 900+

Region: England

Description of project: CITB funding enabled Axis Europe PLC to put a large number of delegates through a Leadership & Management Programme at one time, in order to create impact and cultural change within their business. This included first line managers/supervisors, middle managers, senior managers.

Deliverables included: Bitesize Leadership Videos, In-house Commercial Awareness and Financial Training and Leadership & Management Development slides

Leadership and Management Development (ZIP 1.8MB)

Bitesize Leadership Video - Team Life cycle (YouTube) 

Bitesize Leadership Video - TRUST (YouTube)

Company name: BAM Nutall

Company size: 1000+

Region: GB

Description of project: The Programme supported managers to meet one of the BAM’s primary values which is to recognise their employees as their greatest asset. The funding enabled BAM to move with the times by updating and migrating all of their existing management and leadership training to online delivery, as well as considering other delivery methods like augmented or virtual reality.

BAM Nutall project resources (ZIP, 16MB)

Company name: Barratt Developments PLC

Company size: 1000+

Region: GB

Description of project: The funded project focused on developing the skills and capabilities of highly performing graduates displaying core leadership and management competencies within Barratt Developments 6 main business disciplines (Construction, Sales, Finance, Technical, Commercial and Land). Creating a pipeline of talent for the organisation to use both now, and in the future.

Barratt Developments PLC project resources (Zip, 11.5MB)

Company name: Bell Decorating Group

Company size: 1450

Region: GB

Description of project: Bell Decorating created a bespoke programme called 'First Line Managers Training Programme'. The programme has been based on the widespread knowledge that First Line Managers require support with managing the transition from having a trade/skill to becoming a leader.

Bell Decorating Group First Line Manager Training project resources - Part 1 (Zip, 1.5MB)

Bell Decorating Group First Line Manager Training project resources - Part 2 (Zip, 2.8MB)

Company name: Berkeley Homes

Company size: 250+

Region: England

Description of project: CITB funding enabled Berkeley Homes to streamline and improve the communication between the management and staff in the lower ranks of the business, to equip the managers with the core skills to manage and build teams of motivated people that feel highly valued, engaged and supported in their roles.

Deliverables include: 6 workshops. 1 The People manager, 2 Managing difficult situations, 3 Developing the team, 4 Managing for results, 5 Balance and wellbeing and 6 Selecting for success.

Manager development programme (ZIP 20.5MB) 

Company name: Bouygues

Company size: 1000+

Region: GB

Description of project: Bouygues focussed on Leadership & Management training to ensure that Senior Management understood the real impact of site quality on the sustainability of the whole business. Bouygues wanted to:

  • Significantly reduce snags through defects and latent defects
  • Witness a step change in organisational behaviours 
  • Experience a return to 'pride in the job' across project teams
  • See a greater bond of trust established across project teams which would be built on consistent quality delivery
  • A change in behaviours at design and procurement, so it is always focused on quality.

To achieve this Bouygues delivered training through the 'GET IT RIGHT INITIATIVE', and conducted numerous sessions through a 'Leadership meets' programme. Where key leaders and speakers from across industry came to discuss Leadership & Behaviours with course participants. 

Further information on the training that was delivered through GIRI.

GIRI training information brochure (PDF, 3.81MB)

Company name: Brown and Mason Group Limited

Company size: 300+

Region: GB

Description of project: CITB funding enabled Brown and Mason Group Limited complete CCDO Supervisor & Managers courses, allowing them to achieve the NVQ qualifications in a much shorter timeframe. Many of the delegates had been promoted into these positions because of technical knowledge and skills but had fallen behind on where they needed to be with their CCDO cards. Therefore, the funding helped deliver this is a well-structured, and much shorter time.

Deliverables included: CCDO Supervisor and CCDO Manager, along with NVQ Level 4,6 & 7 in Demolition using CITB Approved Training Providers Graffa and Perses

Company name: Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd

Company size: 600+

Region: GB

Description of project: CITB funding enabled  Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd to deliver 11 x ILM Level 3 award in Leadership and Management to specific first-line management development for potential and aspiring leaders which led to 5 promotions within the company.

Company name: CALA Group

Company size: 1000+

Region: England & Scotland

Description of project: This project set out to develop and deliver a pilot ILM L3 Award in Leadership and Management Practice for the Construction and Built Environment Sector. The pilot aimed to support the future of CALA's Construction Academy, enabling them to continue delivering in a post-Covid environment. Funded modules include: Difficult conversations, Difficult situations, Leadership & Management, Leadership & People Management, course handouts and a final module for the ILM.

Programming and Site Operations (PDF, 3.4MB)

Leadership and People Management (Zip, 11.6MB

Leadership and Management (Zip, 3.5MB)

Difficult Situations (Zip, 600KB)

Difficult Conversations (Zip, 2.9MB)

Course Handouts (Zip, 11.8MB)

Company name: Engie / Equans

Company size: 3000+

Region: GB

Description of project: CITB funding enabled Engie / Equans to create 2 programmes to meet identified gaps in their Leadership and Management skills across the UK Places and Communities Business.

Manager Passport is intended to support, new, middle, and experienced managers in the business to improve people management skills and create a management team who can inspire, lead, and motivate their team's performance in a professional manner.

New Horizons is a structured 12-month framework identified by the business as having the potential to move further into management roles.

Deliverables included: Manager Passport Workshops, Introduction to Insights Discovery, Change Management, Influence/Persuade/Negotiate, Lead/Motivate/Inspire, New Horizon Programme and Time Management

Manager Passport (ZIP, 42.3MB)

New Horizon Programme and Time Management (ZIP, 47.9MB)

Company name: Farrans

Company size: 500+

Region: GB

Description of project: CITB funding enabled Farrans to redesign a Management Programme in to a Leadership Programme to adapt to their changing development requirements and invest in talent and optimise performance in a challenging market. Deliverables include: Emerging Leaders Programme, including Insights Discovery, Unconscious bias, People Management, Managing Underperformance, Leading high performing teams.

ELP - Emerging Leaders Programme (ZIP, 22.6MB)

Company name: FM Conway

Company size: 1800+

Region: England

Description of project: CITB funding enabled FM Conway to develop a framework for great leadership across 3 levels of management – Directors & Aspiring Directors, Middle Leaders and for people stepping into Leadership.

Deliverables include: Developing Great Leaders Programme - Coaching, People Culture, Project Management and Innovation & Change

FM Conway Masterclasses (ZIP, 87.9KB)

Developing great leaders (ZIP, 3.98MB)

Company name: Gleeson Developments

Company size: 600+

Region: England

Description of project: CITB funding enabled Gleeson Developments to have a renewed focus on training and development, with a particular emphasis on the succession planning of leaders and managers, following the appointment of a new CEO in 2019 and a period of rapid growth for the organisation.

Deliverables included: Effective Communication, Absence Management, Employee Wellbeing, Performance Management, Employment Law to run alongside a Level 3 ILM Diploma for Managers

Building Skills - People Management - Modules 1-4 and Level 3 ILM (ZIP, 3.5MB)

Company name: GRAHAM (London)

Company size: 1400+

Region: England

Description of project: CITB funding enabled GRAHAM (London) to target on developing project teams’ leadership and project delivery ability. Deliverables include: Timist Presentation, Wellbeing at work, Improving Productivity, Client Value and Profitability in the supply chain.

(GRAHAM) London - Project Resources and Timist Presentation (ZIP, 4704KB)

Company name: GRAHAM (Northern Ireland)

Company size: 1400

Region: GB

Description of project: CITB funding was to give GRAHAM (Northern Ireland) a strategic succession plan to safeguard the future of the business by using the expertise of their existing directors and external partners to mentor, support and inspire future leaders by passing on skills, behaviours and expertise to future senior leaders.

Deliverables include: 4 modules – Leading & Managing Strategically, Leading & Managing Externally, Leading & Managing Processes & Systems and Leading & Managing Internally.

Developing Leadership Excellence - Leading and Managing Modules 1-4 (ZIP, 3.9MB)

Company name: ISG Ltd

Company size: 750+

Region: GB

Description of project: CITB funding enabled ISG to develop their largest pool of managers, 'leads others', to be ambassadors and leaders of their company values.

Deliverables include: 1. Understanding Personality Styles, 2. The role of the Manager, 3. Vital conversations, 4. Developing people, 5. Planning and organising, 6. Problem solving, 7. Impact, Influence and Negotiation, 8. Stakeholder management.

1. Understanding Personality Styles (ZIP, 14.1MB)

2. The role of the Manager (ZIP, 15.7MB)

3. Vital conversations (ZIP, 4.8MB)

4. Developing people (ZIP, 5MB)

5. Planning and organising (ZIP, 3.8MB)

6. Problem solving (ZIP, 6.5MB)

7. Impact, Influence and Negotiation (ZIP, 8.4MB)

8. Stakeholder management. (ZIP 4.1MB)

Company name: J Murphy & Sons Ltd

Company size: 3500

Region: GB

Description of project: CITB funding enabled J Murphy & Sons Ltd to provide front-line supervisors and managers with a new focus, where equality, diversity and inclusion strategies create inclusive work environments, tackle underrepresentation through diversity of thought and direct collaboration with people at project level to bring about positive change.

The One Murphy Big Inclusion Programme , they have created, will drive cultural changes within the organisation.

Deliverables include: The One Murphy BIG Inclusion programme, board game and cards.

One Murphy Big Inclusion Programme (ZIP, 15.8MB)

Company name: Keepmoat Homes

Company size: 1140

Region: GB

Description of project: CITB funding enabled Keepmoat Homes to invest further in their leaders and influencers, to empower and develop them further across the business, to enable them to better manage change, improve business processes, use of systems, information and to collaborate more effectively.

Deliverables include: 3 modules (You, Team, Results) for Leading Change & Adding Value

Leading Change - Adding Value Programme slides and Learner guides (ZIP, 8.3MB)

Company name: Laing O'Rourke

Company size: 9000

Region: GB

Description of project: CITB funding enabled Laing O'Rourke to deliver Digital leadership on a live project including a supervisor development programme with ILM level 3 certificate in Built environment qualification.

Deliverables include: Presentation on the Supervisor Development Programme

Module 1 - Supervisor Development Programme (ZIP, 868KB)

Company name: Lindum Group

Company size: 600+

Region: England

Description of project: CITB funding enabled Lindum Group to ensure that their managers have the necessary skills & knowledge to deal with the many 'new' issues that we are facing as a result of the pandemic. The majority of their managers have come from a trade background and therefore lack some of the training and experience that other managers in other sectors may have experienced

Deliverables include: Behavioural safety, Stress Management, Strong Communication, Dealing with Difficult Situations and Essential Negotiation Skills

Behavioural Safety (ZIP, 35.5MB)

Dealing with Difficult Situations and Essential Negotiation Skills (ZIP, 1.73MB)

Stress Management (ZIP, 1.13MB)

Strong Communication (ZIP, 421KB) 

Company name: MACE

Company size: 4000

Region: GB

Description of project: CITB funding enabled MACE to upskill 1200-line managers to adapt and build remote management and leadership skills and behaviours to ensure teams operate successfully in a remote environment. Deliverables include: Foundations in Managing Remotely, Managing productivity and engagement remotely and Managing performance remotely.

Managing Remotely Programme (ZIP, 3.63MB)

Company name: McCarthy & Stone

Company size: 350+

Region: GB

Description of project: CITB funding enabled McCarthy & Stone to support one of their Behavioural Pillars by launching an EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) programme to their managers. Deliverables include: 8 short videos, around communication, interviews, meetings, performance review, and micro behaviours.

1. Introduction (YouTube)

2. Inclusive Difficult Conversations (YouTube)

3. Inclusive Interviews (YouTube)

4. Inclusive Meetings (YouTube)

5. Inclusive Leadership (YouTube)

6. Inclusive Performance Reviews (YouTube)

7. Inclusive Exit Interviews (YouTube)

8. Inclusivity and Race (YouTube)

9. Understanding Micro Behaviours (YouTube)

Company name: Morgan Sindall

Company size: 2400

Region: GB

Description of project: This funded project benefitted not only on the individuals taking part, but also had an impact on the teams they work with and the supply chain. The programme linked to the business strategy and the cultural outcomes they wished to achieve. By focusing on four key areas: Trust and belonging, listening and communicating, coaching and developing, and, being innovative and inspiring.

The resources available include: Pre and post-work for the trainees to carry out in advance of the programme, Welcome & Introduction, Stepping up to Management, Coach & Develop, Trust & Belonging, Innovate & Inspire, Listen & Communicate, and a Learner log to enable the trainee to log their learning throughout the duration of the programme.

Stepping up to Leadership and Management Programme Overview (PDF, 2.1MB)

Overview Stepping up to Management (PDF, 468MB)

Course Content (Zip, 15MB)

Learner Log (Zip, 1.1MB)

Postwork (Zip, 949KB)

Prework (Zip, 62KB)

Stepping Up to Management 1 (Zip, 3.5MB)

Stepping up to Management 3 (Zip, 233KB)

Trust and Belonging (Zip, 5.7MB)

Welcome and Introduction (196KB)

Company name: Sir Robert McAlpine

Company size: 2500

Region: GB

Description of project: CITB funding enabled Sir Robert McAlpine to launch a new Management development Programme aimed at Level 5 & 6 Managers to equip them with some of the essential tolls and skills to support their direct reports performance development, improve employee engagement and retention.

Deliverables include: Understanding my Impact, Developing the skills to Deliver, Developing the Skills to Engage and Leaving a lasting Impression.

SRM Workbooks - Management Development  Programme (ZIP, 27.2MB)
SRM Management Development Programme and Schedule (ZIP, 12.1MB)

Company name: Speedy Services

Company size: 3000+

Region: GB

Description of project: CITB funding enabled Speedy Services to fill a skills gap within their senior leaders at regional director level by introducing a Senior Leadership Programme to bridge the gap between directorship and day to day operations.

Deliverables include: High Impact Communications, Enabling High Performance Culture and Leading Change.

Senior Leadership Programme - SLP and Workshop 1 (ZIP, 1.77MB)
Workshop 2 SLP - Leading Change (ZIP, 2.29MB) 
Workshop 3 and 4 SLP - High Impact Communication and Enabling a High Performance Culture (ZIP, 2.85MB)

Company name: Taylor Wimpey

Company size: 5000+

Region: GB

Description of project: CITB funding enabled Taylor Wimpey to deliver an online Management & Leadership School designed for their supply chain to develop their skills in management and leadership.

Deliverables include: Bright Sparks programme, modules include New Gen Learning – Retaining early talent – DISC & Communication – Inclusive Management – Coaching conversations – Building Trust – Progressive culture – Action Learning Group.

Modules 1-8 (ZIP, 2.28MB)
TW - Bright Sparks 2021 (ZIP, 2.81MB)
Bright Sparks online induction video (YouTube)

Company name: Van Elle Ltd

Company size: 500

Region: England

Description of project: CITB funding enabled Van Elle Ltd to deliver several supervisory and management NVQ's and qualifications due to a significant skills gap to meet the recommended levels of competency.

Deliverables include: Qualification profiles for a number of Management NVQs , Health and Safety Management and Risk assessment for Managers.

Qualification Profiles and Learner workpacks (ZIP, 14.1MB)

Company name: VG Clements

Company size: 1000+

Region: England

Description of project: CITB funding enabled VG Clements develop a leadership and management programme to help reinforce positive change and move away from negative attitudes and behaviours existing within the construction industry

Deliverables include: Dealing with Change, Effective communication, Delighting Clients and Driving Change, Performance and Development conversations.

Core Development Programme (ZIP, 18.7MB)

Company name: Vinci

Company size: 1000+

Region: GB

Description of project: Vinci delivered a Skills Development Programme for Supervisors and Managers which has been developed by the Get It Right Initiative (GIRI) – a group of industry experts, organisations and businesses invested in eliminating error and improving the UK Construction Industry. The programme comprised of two modules aimed at frontline Supervisors/Managers, with a specific focus on preventing error by placing emphasis on planning, effective communication and enhanced decision-making.

For more information on the Get It Right Initiative, please visit the GIRI webpage.

GIRI training information brochure (PDF, 3.81MB)

Company name: Volker Fitzpatrick

Company size: 850

Region: GB

Description of project: CITB funding enabled Volker Fitzpatrick to develop a Managers Toolkit that offers development modules via accessible platforms to achieve a consistently high standard of management skills and behaviours.

Deliverables include: Overview of their Managers Toolkit that was delivered online and sample videos used for Managing Probation and Managing Inductions along with how to write SMART objectives.

Managers Toolkit - General Overview (Word, 490KB)

Writing Smart Goals (PDF, 384KB)

Managers Toolkit: Managing Probation - Volker Fitzpatrick (YouTube)

Managers Toolkit: Managing Probation 7 tips - Volker Fitzpatrick (YouTube)

Managers Toolkit: Managing Probation Setting Clear Objectives and Giving clear Feedback - Volker Fitzpatrick (YouTube)

Managers Toolkit: Induction - Volker Fitzpatrick (YouTube)

Managers Toolkit: Induction 1st day going wrong intro - Volker Fitzpatrick (YouTube)

Company name: Willmott Dixon

Company size: 2115

Region: England

Description of Project: Willmott Dixon received funding to help them develop and deliver a blended learning approach for: 

  1. An updated and enhanced leadership and management programme for new and upcoming/ middle managers, enabling them to adapt to short and long-term business changes. The modules and programmes delivered as part of this included: Authentic and Compassionate Leadership and a fully comprehensive new Coaching School within Willmott Dixon. As part of the Level 3 Coaching Qualification, there is also a folder filled with case studies, opinion pieces, Coaching advice and expertise to support a new Coach in carrying out their role effectively.
  2. A tailored virtual leadership programme to support and embed new ways of working post Covid-19. The modules delivered as part of this programme, included: Kitbag modules (Exceptional 1 2 1's, Building Great Teams, Direction & Delegation, Leading a remote team and The mind of the Leader). These kitbag modules are essentially a toolkit for Managers to utilise with their direct reports. Finally, as part of this programme; Willmott Dixon delivered a Virtual Leadership Module to support management in leading a team in the new virtual environments that they are tasked with working in.

Authentic and compassionate leadership (ZIP, 1.75MB)

Coaching Level 3 qualification resources (ZIP, 33.3MB)

Kitbag modules (ZIP, 18.4MB)

School of Coaching (ZIP, 1.89MB)

Virtual leadership (ZIP, 17KB)

Company name: Willmott Dixon Interiors

Company size: 267

Region: England

Description of project: The purpose of this project was to support the establishment of a Future Female Leaders Academy in association with Cambridge Executive. It set out to develop a bespoke offer for female managers looking to progress into senior leadership roles. This programme received a large amount of praise for its contribution to promoting inclusion and diversity in the workforce. Due to its success, the programme will continue to be ran by Willmott Dixon Interiors into the future. Resources provided include: Pre programme Women in Leadership research, Women in Leadership Programme brochure, programme summary, Women in Leadership evaluation, Programme kick of presentation, Mentoring masterclass presentation, mentoring agreement template, personal development plan template and mentoring delegate communications.

Kick Off Event Presentation (PDF, 762KB)

WDI Mentoring resources (ZIP, 1.88MB)

Willmott Dixon Women's Leadership Programme resources (ZIP, 7.74MB)

Company name: Wolfkran Ltd

Company size: 300+

Region: GB

Description of project: CITB funding enabled Wolfkran Ltd to align talent, improve performance, productivity and sustainability by enlisting their new management team on a leadership development programme following a period of restructuring for the company

Deliverables include: Wellbeing, Performance, Appraisal Skills, Inspiring and Motivating, Project Management, Presentation Skills, Fairness, Inclusion & Respect

Business Sustainability - Wellbeing and Performance Course Programme (ZIP, 20.3MB)

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